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Currently, Southeastern University offers six programmes to members of Watoto Christian Hall.. All these programmes are designed to give you key leadership skills that will help you grow in your careers. See all offerings on the Programmes tab. 

These programmes will equip you with world-class education and prepare you for a future in the career field of your choice. In the process, you will also graduate with a degree from Southeastern University, a SACS regionally accredited American university. Finally, many programs include internships and/or practical field experiences to help you develop technical skills and professional connections in your field. 

Classes for the undergraduate programmes will begin in August, while the graduate programme will commence in October.

Typically around 4 years. This depends on the number of courses a student takes each session, and if any breaks are taken. 

We have two traditional semesters each year. Each semester runs for 16 weeks and has two 8-week sessions. There is a summer class option also, which we will offer on an as-needed basis.

Conveniently for you, there will be no physical submission of assignments. All your assignments will have to be submitted digitally.

The Masters programme earns a degree and typically takes 2 years to complete. The Graduate Certificate only earns a certificate and typically takes 6 months to complete. 

The courses in the Graduate Certificate can be advanced into the MA in Organizational Leadership, which is a degree program. If you are interested in this option please email admin@christianhalls.com to discuss further. 

Typically 1-2 years. It depends on the number of courses a student takes each term and if any breaks are taken. 

High school graduates, college students and working adults who desire to improve their career prospects in business leadership can apply. The programmes are open to applicants from the region of East Africa. If that’s you, we welcome your application! 

Yes, we are only accepting a total of 75 applicants for 2019. Since these programmes are being offered at one-fifth of the cost for US residents, we’re expecting these seats to get filled up in no time. 

We understand that the grading system in East Africa may differ from the grading system in the US. Therefore, local equivalents of transcript grades and scores will be accepted upon evaluation by a US credentialing service. Students will pay a fee for this service upon enrollment in the Hall. 

No, there isn’t! Our programmes are meant to benefit young students as well as working adults seeking to boost their careers with a degree. Therefore, applicants of any age are encouraged to apply.

For the undergraduate programmes, you need to have a high school transcript (with C grade or better). For the graduate programme, you must have an undergraduate degree (with C grade or better) with transcripts showing a minimum of 2.0 GPA. Full English competency is required of all applicants.

That’s a good question! The validity of SEU credits will be determined by each university in East Africa. Most regionally and nationally accredited universities will accept transfer credits, so you may be able to get your credits validated.

You need to submit the following documents: academic transcripts of your high school, undergraduate or graduate degrees; national identification document; two reference letters (one pastoral and one professional); ACT or SAT scores (optional); passport-size photograph; and curriculum vitae (CV or resume). Submit your application with all the documents at the earliest to increase your chances of getting accepted.

We accept transfer credit all the way up to the master’s degree level and offer free transfer credit evaluations. Transfer credits are accepted from regionally accredited colleges and universities, as well as institutions accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. We also accept transfer credits from nationally accredited or unaccredited institutions if an articulation agreement exists. More information is available on the SEU website. 

The tuition fee is currently USD 90 per credit hour for each programme. This translates to a total of USD 10,800 for the undergraduate programmes and USD 1,080 for the graduate programme.

At just one-fifth of the cost for US residents, these subsidised fees will give you the same quality of education for less. 

Yes, we have a flexible payment plan designed to make transactions easier for you. You have the option of paying per class, per month or per semester. The number of credit hours is different for each class, so the fees for the classes will vary accordingly.

Please note that you can enrol for the programme only after you make a full payment per class or a monthly auto-payment.

When you enrol for the programme, you will be given log-in credentials to enter the SEU access portal. Once you log in, you will be able to access the online classes.

Good question! You can drop out of a class by the communicated drop deadline after your programme begins. If you leave after that, you will have to forfeit your payment. We hope that this will not be the case for you and that you will continue with the programme – and get a US-university degree!

After you submit your application, you will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail within 48 hours. Our team will then review your application. If your application is accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter by e-mail within two weeks of submission.

The acceptance letter will be followed by another e-mail containing a payment link. On successful completion of your payment, you will be officially registered as a student.

You will receive an e-mail indicating acceptance or denial within two weeks of submission of application. We advise you to check your inbox regularly for updates.

There is no application fee, but students will need to pay a fee for evaluation of their high school and/or undergraduate credentials upon enrollment in the Christian Hall.

In the case of such an event, your payment will be frozen and you will be unable to enrol in new courses until you have paid for the previous courses. You will also be unable to receive credit for those classes until payment has been completed.

Yes, we offer two merit-based scholarships to highly qualified students.

When you apply for the programme, you will be automatically considered for the scholarships as part of the vetting process. No additional application for scholarship is necessary. If selected for the scholarship, you will receive an intimation confirming the same.

Watoto Christian Hall will have a local director who will oversee operations and student support. The Director will be responsible for bringing in mentors and arranging for internships.

Yes, we will help you get an internship either during or after the course. However, please note that this is just a service and not a guarantee.

An internship will help you get hands-on experience in the industry of your choice. It will also give you an idea of what working in the marketplace entails. 

Yes, you will be assigned a mentor who will personally guide you through the course. Initially, this mentorship role will be played by the SEU professor or the local director. We will increase our mentor base to include local business leaders associated with the church community as well as external mentors.

Your mentor will help you to adapt to the rhythms of student life, provide accountability and spiritual support, and help you find pathways for marketplace innovation, ministry opportunities, etc.

Interactions with your mentor will depend on the course you choose and may be twice a month or once a week. Your mentor will meet with you either in person or online, depending on where he or she is located.

No, your mentor will not be certified by SEU. All mentors will be certified by Watoto Christian Hall staff.

At this stage, there will be no SEU representative at Watoto Christian Hall. All SEU faculty and staff are online education specialists and available via email and online education software. 

Yes, of course! You will be a fully vested online student at SEU as well as a member of Watoto Christian Hall. 

SEU offers an accredited US degree, so it will be valid in Africa. However, transfer of credits will be determined by the individual educational institutions in your region.

While universities cannot guarantee job placement, an SEU degree will certainly increase your chances of getting a job in the US. 

You will receive a physical certificate from SEU upon successful completion of your programme.

There may be opportunities for you as a member of Watoto Christian Hall to attend classes on the SEU campus. We advise you to have your passport ready, if you are interested.

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