Bachelor of Science in
Business & Professional

At a glance

120 credit

classes, local tutors

UGX 333,250
per credit hour


Bachelor of Science in
Business & Professional

At a glance

120 credit


USD 90 per
credit hour


What is this programme all about?

This undergraduate programme looks at leadership theory and business managerial concepts from a biblical perspective to equip you for effective leadership.

What will you be taught?

1. Introduction to the key functions of business in the current economy
2. Application of biblical principles of leadership in a business environment
3. Basic functions of marketing concepts and how to apply them
4. Fundamentals of planning, organising and leading organisations
5. Legal principles that apply to business transactions, contracts and more

Where can you use these skills?

  • Human resources management
  • General management
  • Non-profit management
  • Organisation development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management consulting

How will you use these skills in your careers?

The following key skills that you will acquire will help you gain entry-level managerial jobs, accelerate your growth in your current job or set up your own business.


Strong decision-making skills​

Practical approach to
business solutions

What will you be able to do in your new jobs?

  • Apply the principles of leadership in the workplace
  • Lead a team and manage a diverse workforce
  • Make sound decisions in a dynamic environment
  • Apply the soft skills you learned to manage relational conflicts
  • Communicate effectively in a professional environment

Which university is offering this programme?

Southeastern University, a Christ-centred institution based in Florida in the US, is partnering with Christian Halls to offer this programme in East Africa. Click here to visit the Southeastern University website to know more.

Who are some of the faculty members in this programme?

Dr. Alan Ehler
Professor of
Practical Theology
Dr. Zachary Tackett
Associate Professor of
Historical Theology
Dr. Robby Waddell
Professor of
New Testament

What are the admission requirements?

High school transcripts
(C grade or better)

National identification

Two letters of recommendation

ACT or SAT scores (optional)


Curriculum vitae
(CV or resume)

What are the programme details?

During the course of this undergraduate programme, you will be covering biblical principles, foundational business concepts and leadership-specific topics.

The programme details for the upcoming semesters are outlined below:

Fall Semester 2018

Session A (Aug 22 – Oct 16) CORE 1001 – College and Christian Calling (1 Credit = UGX 333,250)* Session B (Oct 17 – Dec 11) CORE 1001 – College and Christian Calling (1 Credit = UGX 333,250)* BBUS 2203 – Introduction to Economics (3 Credits = UGX 999,750)** BIOT 1433 – Old Testament and Its Interpretation (3 Credits = UGX 999,750) *Required for first-time students **Required for part-time students

Spring Semester 2019

Session A (Jan 9 – Mar 5)

BBUS 1003 – Introduction to Business Foundations (3 Credits = UGX 999,750)*
ENGL 1232 – English Composition I (3 Credits = UGX 999,750)

Session B (Mar 6 – Apr 30)

BBUS 2003 – Design Thinking (3 Credits = UGX 999,750)*
LDRS 2123 – Principled Leadership (3 Credits = UGX 999,750)
BINT 1533 – New Testament and its Interpretation (3 Credits = UGX 999,750)

*Required for part-time students


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