Secure your future as a next-generation leader
with a degree from a Christian, US-accredited university at an amazing value!

Secure your future as a
next-generation business with a degree from
a Christian, US-accredited university
at an amazing value!

Gary Skinner

Founder, Watoto Church

Education is not just about career development, but also about character development. This is key in raising a new generation of African leaders.

Watoto Christian Hall

Watoto Christian Hall is a private Christian centre dedicated to cultivating the Christian intellectual tradition. As a member, you can benefit from mentorship, coaching, tutorials and marketplace opportunities while gaining access to affordable tuition from partners such as Southeastern University.



Apply to Watoto Hall

Choose the programme that is appropriate for your career and apply online by submitting your information and documentation.


Enroll for classes

After your application is accepted, register for your semester classes and pay the tuition fee based on a flexible payment plan.


Attend online classes

Log in to the Southeastern University online portal with the credentials that you will receive on registering.



Get guidance from a local
mentor during the course,
by meeting in person or online
at least twice a month.



Put your learning into practice through an internship experience either during or after the academic programme.



Get an internationally recognised degree from Southeastern University on successful completion of the academic programme.

The world is hungry for godly and transformational leaders. We are excited that the Watoto Christian Hall will provide a place for raising such leaders through a holistic educational system that will prepare them for today’s marketplace.

Julius Rwotlonyo

Head Pastor, Watoto Church


Bachelor of Business Administration
Build a solid foundation for a future in business leadership with this comprehensive program.
Bachelor of Science in Communication & Mass Media
If you are interested in making connections through communication, this degree will get you ready.
Bachelor of Science in Digital Media & Design
Gain the critical communication and digital design skills necessary for advancement in the marketplace or acceptance to graduate schools that focus on communication or design.
Bachelor of Science in Business & Professional Leadership
Accelerate your growth with this programme designed for working adults looking to boost their careers
Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership
Strengthen your skills by learning about self leadership, collaboration, and leading for innovation.
Master of Arts in Human Services
Put your care for the needs of others to work with organizational, administrative, and strategic leadership.

Dr. Kent Ingle

President, Southeastern University

God has created you with a unique design that He wants to unleash in your life to change the world.

God has created you with a unique design that He wants to unleash in your life to change the world.



Get an internationally recognised degree from a US-accredited university.


Avail East Africa-specific tuition
fees with flexible payment plans.


Save additionally by not having to
take this course in the US.


Study online at your convenience
from wherever you are.


Get one-on-one guidance
from a local mentor.


Get practical learning on the job
through an internship.


Currently, Southeastern University offers seven programmes to members of Watoto Christian Hall. All these programmes are designed to give you key leadership skills that will help you grow in your careers.

These programmes will equip you with world-class education and prepare you for a future in business leadership. In the process, you will also graduate with a degree from Southeastern University, a regionally accredited American university.

Classes for the undergraduate programmes will begin in August, while the graduate programme will commence in October.

We have two traditional semesters each year. Each semester runs for 16 weeks and has two 8-week sessions. There is a summer class option also, which we will offer on an as-needed basis.

High school graduates, college students and working adults who desire to improve their career prospects in business leadership can apply. The programmes are open to applicants from the region of East Africa. If that’s you, go ahead and apply now!

Yes, we are only accepting a total of 75 applicants for 2019. Since these programmes are being offered at one-fifth of the cost for US residents, we’re expecting these seats to get filled up in no time. Don’t miss out – apply right away!

No, there isn’t! Our programmes are meant to benefit young students as well as working adults seeking to boost their careers with a degree. Therefore, applicants of any age are encouraged to apply.

For the undergraduate programmes, you need to have a high school transcript (with C grade or better). For the graduate programme, you must have an undergraduate degree (with C grade or better) with transcripts showing a minimum of 2.0 GPA. Full English competency is required of all applicants.

You need to submit the following documents: academic transcripts of your high school, undergraduate or graduate degrees; national identification document; two reference letters (one pastoral and one professional); ACT or SAT scores (optional); passport-size photograph; and curriculum vitae (CV or resume). Submit your application with all the documents at the earliest to increase your chances of getting accepted.

ACT and SAT scores help to show your competency in English and also come in handy when applying for job placements. However, submitting these scores is not mandatory, so we encourage you to apply for the programmes even if you have not completed your ACT or SAT.

After you submit your application, you will receive an acknowledgement by e-mail within 48 hours. Our team will then review your application. If your application is accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter by e-mail within two weeks of submission.

The acceptance letter will be followed by another e-mail containing a payment link. On successful completion of your payment, you will be officially registered as a student.

There is no application fee, but students will need to pay a fee for evaluation of their high school and/or undergraduate credentials upon enrollment in the Christian Hall. 

Yes, you will be assigned a mentor who will personally guide you through the course. Initially, this mentorship role will be played by the SEU professor or the local Dean of Students. We will increase our mentor base to include local business leaders associated with the church community as well as external mentors.

Mentorship is a unique offering of these programmes that most universities do not offer. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – apply now!

Interactions with your mentor will depend on the course you choose and may be twice a month or once a week. Your mentor will meet with you either in person or online, depending on where he or she is located.

Your mentor will help you to adapt to the rhythms of student life, provide accountability and spiritual support, and help you find pathways for marketplace innovation, ministry opportunities, etc.

Yes, we will help you get an internship either during or after the course. However, please note that this is just a service and not a guarantee.

All SEU professors and staff are available via email on a consistent basis. Additionally, the Watoto Christian Hall team is available in Uganda to support students and answer questions. 

Yes, of course! You will be a fully vested online student at SEU as well as a member of Watoto Christian Hall. Join a programme and enjoy the benefits of being an SEU student!

SEU offers an accredited US degree, so it will be valid in Africa. However, transfer of credits will be determined by the individual educational institutions in your region.

While universities cannot guarantee job placement, an SEU degree will certainly increase your chances of getting a job in the US. Apply for a programme now and work towards achieving your goal!

Southeastern University is a Christ-centred institution of higher education that seeks to transform minds through the integration of faith, learning and service.

Southeastern University is a Christ-centred institution of higher education that seeks to transform minds through the integration of faith, learning
and service.

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